FluidSAP 100

FluidSAP 100 is the latest addition to the FluidTech LLC line of absorbents and solidification agents. The super absorbent polymer contains sodium polyacrylate and is used to absorb liquids making it ideal for spills, or solidifying liquid waste for transportation. FluidSAP 100 will irreversibly bind waste materials to form inert solids to stabilize it both chemically and physically...More Info

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30+ years in business, Fluid Tech provides innovative, easily deployable products and technologies to accelerate environmental cleanup project performance and compliance. Our safe, compliant, and cost-effective products and services can substantially reduce a customer’s life-cycle costs and liabilities.

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Dust Control

"Trans Seal I" Dust Control Application Video

Trans Seal I Dust Control Application Video

22 days After "Trans Seal I" Dust Control Application

22 days After Trans Seal I Dust Control Application

Dust Generation, Water vs “Trans Seal I”

Dust Generation, Water vs Trans Seal I

Absorbents and Solidification agents

Barium Waste Pit Stabilization

Barium Waste Pit Stabilization

Radioactive Oil Solidification

Radioactive Oil Solidification

Oil Spill Response

Pristine Sea I Demo

Pristine Sea I Demo

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