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30+ years in business, Fluid Tech provides innovative, easily deployable products and technologies to accelerate environmental cleanup project performance and compliance. Our safe, compliant, and cost-effective products and services can substantially reduce a customer’s life-cycle costs and liabilities.

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Dust Control

"Trans Seal I" Dust Control Application Video

Trans Seal I Dust Control Application Video

22 days After "Trans Seal I" Dust Control Application

22 days After Trans Seal I Dust Control Application

Dust Generation, Water vs “Trans Seal I”

Dust Generation, Water vs Trans Seal I

Absorbents and Solidification agents

Barium Waste Pit Stabilization

Barium Waste Pit Stabilization

Radioactive Oil Solidification

Radioactive Oil Solidification

Oil Spill Response

Pristine Sea I Demo

Pristine Sea I Demo

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