Applications and Industries


Trans Seal has been used effectively for dust suppression and erosion control for:

  • Unpaved roadways, pathways, and access routes
  • Parking lots, construction sites, and vacant lots
  • Development areas, access roads, and recreational facilities
  • Erosion control for re-vegetation areas, mining locations
  • Commercial stockpiles, wind erosion, agricultural and forestry activities
  • Railcar and over the road open container hauling
  • Solar generating stations


Some of the industries that rely on Trans Seal I for their dust control needs:
Mining – Used for dust control on mine tailings and stockpiles, and constructing and stabilizing haul roads and staging areas.
Oil and Gas – Used for constructing and stabilizing haul roads, drilling pads, and staging areas.
Military – Used for constructing supply roads, runways, landing pads, base camps.
Construction – Used to effectively control fugitive dust emissions from construction sites without the need for continual watering.
Solar Energy – Used to increase power efficiency by controlling fugitive dust from access roads that can plate out on solar panels.
Coal – Used to eliminate coal dust generation from stockpiles and railcars.
Forestry – Used to stabilize logging roads and promote revegetation of areas affected by wildfires.