FluidSAP 100

Video about FluidSAP 100

FluidSAP 100 is the latest addition to the Fluid Tech LLC line of absorbents and solidification agents.

Fluid Tech’s Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) or sodium polyacrylate is used to absorb and solidify a wide variety of aqueous waste waters and sludges making it ideal for spills, or solidifying waste for transportation and disposal. Aqueous wastes solidified using FluidSAP 100 will resist biodegradation and retain liquid under pressure.  stabilizing it both chemically and physically.

FluidSAP 100 is designed to absorb and retain many times its weight in water with negligible (less than 1%) increase in volume or weight. It is possible for FluidSAP 100 to absorb as much as 500 times its own weight and it has a strong ion exchange affinity for soluble metal ions and RCRA metals.