Pharmaceutical Waste


Developed in cooperation with some of the leading medical institutions in the world, Fluid Tech’s NARCSORB can be used as part of a DEA-compliant program to effectively manage narcotic and non-narcotic controlled substances.

NARCSORB irreversibly solidifies most adulterating or denaturing agents through complex bonding mechanisms and ion-exchange reactions, ensuring controlled substances are rendered non-retrievable and no longer “present any potential for abuse”, in accordance with 21 CFR PART 1308.23.

A Better Controlled Substances Solution

When used as part of a DEA-compliant program, NARCSORB allows for the safe, compliant, and cost-effective management of unused controlled substances. NARCSORB is an economical alternative to costly collection, escorting, transportation and incineration of controlled substances. Because NARCSORB allows for ON-SITE management of controlled substances, there is no need for costly transfer of the liability to a third party contractor. Controlled substances are simply denatured, solidified, and disposed of as non-hazardous waste.