Pharmaceutical Waste

Developed in cooperation with some of the leading medical institutions in the world, Fluid Tech’s NARCSORB can be used as part of a DEA-compliant program to effectively manage narcotic and non-narcotic controlled substances.


NARCSORB irreversibly solidifies most adulterating or denaturing agents through complex bonding mechanisms and ion-exchange reactions, ensuring controlled substances are rendered non-retrievable and no longer “present any potential for abuse”, in accordance with 21 CFR PART 1308.23.

NARCSORB is a solidification product developed for the safe disposal of narcotics. When medications reach their expiration, they have to be treated in a manner that is safe for people and the environment. Current regulation does not mandate that commercially available medicines be treated as hazardous materials.

However, many hospitals, pharmacies, and hospice care facilities are required to dispose of pharmaceuticals in a safe manner. Current methods include direct disposal by dumping chemicals down drains, incineration, and over-packing for disposal as a hazardous substance. These methods have a number of secondary challenges. For example: pouring dissolved meds down a drain can introduce challenges for municipal water treatment systems that are not designed to extract chemicals, thus the narcotics end up released into water ways and the environment. Incineration poses significant off-gas and fly ash concerns over harmful toxin exposure for the people operating the furnace, as well as those living near the plant. Over-packing consists of disposing of the product in sealed containers. This does nothing to treat the drugs, as it only provides a vessel for disposal. In all three scenarios there is adverse risk to public health and safety.

NARCSORB is designed to eliminate secondary health risks by first dissolving the drugs, then solidifying them in a compound that is ready for landfill disposal. Once solidified, the narcotics are no longer a permeable or chemical emitting mass. In other words, it cannot leach its way into ground water supply, nor can the narcotics be reused or farmed for illegal intent.

A Better Controlled Substances Solution

When used as part of a DEA-compliant program, NARCSORB allows for the safe, compliant, and cost-effective management of unused controlled substances. NARCSORB is an economical alternative to costly collection, escorting, transportation and incineration of controlled substances. Because NARCSORB allows for ON-SITE management of controlled substances, there is no need for costly transfer of the liability to a third party contractor. Controlled substances are simply denatured, solidified, and disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

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