Consulting Services

Ideas that drive success

Each member of Fluid Tech’s leadership team has previous experience leading nuclear waste management and remediation projects for companies operating in North America, Asia and Europe.

With over a 100 years of combined experience, Fluid Tech’s executive team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the management of radioactive and hazardous wastes.

Treatability Studies

Treatability studies guide and define the treatment process that will be used to manage hazardous wastes. To meet Land Disposal Restrictions and the waste acceptance criteria of the receiving facility, a study is performed to (1) determine whether the waste is amenable to the treatment process, (2) what pretreatment (if any) is required, (3) the optimal process conditions needed to achieve the desired post-treatment characteristics, (4) the efficacy of a treatment process for a specific waste or wastes, and/or (5) to determine the characteristics and volumes of residuals from a particular treatment process.

Fluid Tech’s applies a systematic approach to conducting treatability studies. This process begins with analyzing client needs and ends in regulatory compliance that ensures successful outcomes. Fluid Tech has laboratory partnerships, various treatment products and facilities to handle surrogate or actual waste testing. All treatability study activities are governed by our NQA-1 compliant quality assurance program. By applying our process, Fluid Tech has consistently developed successful waste treatment and management solutions that reduce client costs associated with the treatment, packaging, transportation, and disposal of wastes thereby ensuring that waste is managed safely and compliantly.

Business Development

Whether you need help evaluating technologies prior to acquisition or require supplemental management support for high profile proposals, Fluid Tech offers an array of consulting services.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Developing programs and training personnel on implementation.
  • Developing team collaborative tools.
  • Developing best fit processes for capturing, evaluating and reviewing opportunities.
  • Analyzing market trends and researching the competitiveness of new technologies.
  • Structuring forward looking programs for identifying, tracking and pursuing new business opportunities.
  • Opportunity specific capture manager developing winning strategies and leading proposal preparation and submittal.