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Fluid Tech, LLC being a leader in the Dust Control Industry for over 30+ years is on the road to bring to you one of the most effective dust control products in the market, TRANS SEAL I. TRANS SEAL I is a dust suppressant and soil stabilizer designed to control airborne particulate emissions caused by windblown dust, construction activity, and open container hauling. Trans Seal I is a non-toxic, water-soluble, polyvinyl emulsion that acts as a “binder”, forming a crust over the treated surface proving effective for the long-term stabilization of fugitive dust emissions and the prevention of surface erosion. Trans Seal I is more effective and environmentally friendly than traditional salt-based dust suppressants (i.g. MgCl2) which are ineffective in climates with low relative humidity and have come under increased environmental and regulatory scrutiny.

EVENT DATE(S) ARE May 10 and May 11. Please see below sign up form for reserving your spot! We will contact you to confirm that your spot has been reserved.

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