TRANS SEAL Demonstration Sign-Up

Fluid Tech, LLC being a leader in the Dust Control Industry for over 30+ years is on the road to bring to you one of the most effective dust control products in the market, TRANS SEAL I. TRANS SEAL I is a dust suppressant and soil stabilizer designed to control airborne particulate emissions caused by windblown dust, construction activity, and open container hauling. Trans Seal I is a non-toxic, water-soluble, polyvinyl emulsion that acts as a “binder”, forming a crust over the treated surface proving effective for the long-term stabilization of fugitive dust emissions and the prevention of surface erosion. Trans Seal I is more effective and environmentally friendly than traditional salt-based dust suppressants (i.g. MgCl2) which are ineffective in climates with low relative humidity and have come under increased environmental and regulatory scrutiny.

EVENT DATE(S) : 18 May & 19 May
EVENT TIME: 10am - 2pm CST
EVENT LOCATION : 5250 N. Westcliff. Odessa, TX 79764
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