Waste Treatment Services

Safe and Economical

Fluid Tech provides on-site solidification services to clients generating radioactive and hazardous wastes that require treatment prior to final disposition. Fluid Tech’s team of experts assist clients in properly characterizing their waste to determine the efficacy of stabilization/solidification as a treatment approach. Once verified, Fluid Tech will mobilize a team of technicians, our In-Drum Solidification System, and our proven absorbents and solidification agents to solidify the waste. On-site solidification services greatly decrease the costs associated with third-party management and brokerage of a client’s waste.

Compliance Specialists

Fluid Tech has been offering on-site professional services related to the management of radioactive and hazardous wastes/wastewaters for over 30 years. Fluid Tech’s experienced professionals are experts in all aspects of the characterization, treatment, transportation and disposal of radioactive and hazardous wastes generated at both Commercial and Federal facilities. Fluid Tech can help ensure the success of your waste management project by providing project managers/engineers and subject matter experts to provide both off-site and on-site support.

Committed to Customer Success

Fluid Tech looks forward to discussing your company’s waste management project and how we might be of assistance. As part of our commitment to your success, we’d like to offer you a free consultation to discuss your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have regarding Fluid Tech services and availability.